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"What is Biofeedback?" by Christine Cirovic, N.D


Biofeedback is a medical technique with a wealth of research supporting its efficacy for a wide range of conditions, including insomnia, hypertension, depression, anxiety, and even diabetes.


So, what is it? In its simplest form, Biofeedback is bringing awareness to a physiologic process (in real time) so that an individual gains greater control over it in the future. Although biofeedback may evoke images of complex sensors and a tangle of wires, you are most likely using biofeedback devices in your daily life already! Heart rate monitors, activity trackers, and even sleep trackers are becoming increasingly popular. And yes, these meet the definition of Biofeedback.


So we all just need to buy a FitBit and we’re good? Well, not quite. It’s all about intention. One can easily use these devices to follow a path away from health, obsessing over numbers, rather than gleaning increased awareness. The goal with Biofeedback is to give an individual greater control over his/her health, instead of becoming trapped in a physiological stress response.  The latter exhausts our physical and emotional health and is essentially a loss of control.


The most basic form of Biofeedback is mindfulness - awareness of the present moment without judgment. Mindfulness can play a central role in improving health, and unlike other forms of biofeedback, its free, accessible to everyone, and can be practiced anywhere.


But…what if I like the numbers? Great! Numbers aren’t bad – I tend to like them, myself. It’s all about personal preference, and again, intention. The key is to find a technique that matches your physical needs and personality.


Dr. Cirovic, our in-house Biofeedback specialist, is available for appointment several days a week. Please contact the clinic to schedule your appointment.