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COVID-19 changes



New Clinic Policies

We understand the concerns about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, and we want to reassure our patients that we are following all the CDC and OSHA guidelines, taking every precaution and any additional measures that are possible to ensure the safety and overall well-being of our patients, team, and the community. This includes ongoing sanitization of our entire facility, including heavily used items such as door knobs, sinks, restrooms, and patient care areas. Please help us by following the below items:


We love seeing your whole family but we ask that adult patients attend their appointments alone if possible. For our minor patients, you may send the patient into the office and have all other family members wait in the car. If necessary, one parent or guardian may accompany a minor patient. We will be happy to escort patients back to the car. Please arrive on time for appointments and not early to minimize waiting in our office to decrease the amount of people present. After verbally signing in at the front, please wash your hands.


We will be taking your temperature when you first come into the clinic and will ask you to wash your hands. We are closing down any high touch areas such as tea station putting away all high touch items such as magazines and toys.

All people entering the clinic are required to wear a mask. The doctors and staff will be wearing masks as well and hopefully soon we will be able to see each others smiles again! Know we are smiling under our masks!


Please note we will be limiting social distancing, including handshaking, so please do not be offended.


Please take your temperature before leaving for our office. If it is elevated or you have had a fever or signs/symptoms in the last 2 weeks, we ask you to stay home and postpone your appointment for at least 2 weeks.


If you have traveled internationally, been on cruise, or work in a place with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in past two weeks please call the office to reschedule.


We have a strict policy in place that not under any circumstances ill-feeling patients or team members exhibiting signs and symptoms of respiratory illness and/or fever be allowed into the facility. This is without question, the least, yet most important recommendation we can make. We will continue to follow the developments of COVID-19 within our communities and update our recommendations as the situation changes. We will do our best to minimize disruption to your treatment and appreciate your understanding as we work through this situation.


Thank you for your continued dedication as our patients and guests!


Guidelines for Prevention Per the CDC and WHO

Our best methods to contain the spread of this disease is prevention: social distancing and basic public health prevention protocols, including:

  • Use proper handwashing technique

  • Use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol

  • Sneeze and cough into your elbow rather than hands

  • Avoid touching your face unless hands are washed

  • Avoid touching eyes, nose, mouth

  • Avoid shaking hands

  • Avoid large gatherings

  • Practice Social Distancing (maintain at least 6 ft between you and someone coughing/ sneezing)

  • Reschedule any non-urgent travel

  • Stay home if sick and contact your health care provider



At this time, we are able to do either in person visits or telemedicine visits for both New and Returning patients whatever the patient feels most comfortable with. We are taking several precautions to help ensure the safety of our staff and patients so while things may look a little different we are still here for you! 


Any patient that is presenting with a fever, flu (muscle aches, fevers, chills, malaise) or moderate to severe respiratory symptoms (cough, shortness of breathing, wheezing) will be asked to contact the office prior to entering the clinic and Telemedicine Appointments will be recommended.

We are also now able to offer counseling of health for fear of disease and preventative COVID19 advice as Telemedicine Appointments.

If you are looking to change your appointment to Telemedicine, please email or call our clinic asking to be switched to Telemedicine. We will need a Consent Form signed ideally 24 business hours prior.

We are also able to ship most supplements to your home, please sent us a message if you are looking to place an order.


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