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Dr. Jennifer Lush, ND was born and raised in North Seattle and Southwest Washington. She has a rich family history in Shoreline and Edmonds as her father’s family moved to North Seattle in the 1950s to work at the Kings Garden/CRISTA organization. She spent many summers playing on the Edmonds Beach and shopping as a teenager at the Aurora Village Mall.


Graduating from Raymond High School in 1990, Dr. Lush earned her BA in psychology (emphasizing the biology of behavior and neuroscience) from the University of Washington in 1994. During undergrad, she focused on public health and HIV/AIDS prevention in Latin America, working in medical clinics in rural Paraguayan villages.


In 2001, she earned her ND degree from Bastyr University. While a graduate student at Bastyr, Dr. Lush continued to research alternative medical approaches to HIV/AIDS and breast cancer. She has contributed work to Breast Cancer, Beyond Prevention, published in 2002.


Dr. Lush owned and operated a natural health clinic and private practice in Seattle from 2001 to 2006. She was also a medical researcher for Salugenecists, Inc. from 2003 to 2006. In the spring of 2005, she moved to Anchorage, Alaska and practiced medicine at Avante Medical Center until June 2009.


In the spring of 2009, she came back to her roots in Seattle, Washington and joined the team at West Seattle Natural Medicine. In July 2009, she had the opportunity to join a medical team working with rural villagers on the Amazon River in Peru. She has also been seeing patients at Evergreen Integrative Medicine in Bellevue and Shoreline Natural Medicine since 2009.


Dr. Lush enjoys working with the whole family, providing holistic primary care medicine. Additionally, she has expertise in treating allergies, balancing hormones and providing quality women's health medicine. 

Outside of practicing medicine, Dr. Lush enjoys staying active in the beautiful PNW outdoors, as well as running in ½ marathons, yoga, knitting, writing, cooking and being surrounded by the abundance of her friends' and family's children.


Volunteering and traveling in third world countries is also a passion that she hopes to continue throughout her life.


Dr. Lush has been listed as one of Seattle Met Magazine's Top Doctors and is a current member of the Washington Association of Naturopathic Doctors. 



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"I saw Dr. Lush just before I tried to get pregnant, to make sure I was healthy and ready for conception and pregnancy. I didn't feel like any of my traditional physicians took the time to provide preventative care and I thought a naturopathic doctor would.

On the entrance form, you have to provide details of your health problems. I consider myself a healthy person already, but when pressed, I jotted down my asthma (something I thought I was born with and would never get rid of), jaw pain, and low iron sometimes reported to me at the blood donation center.

Dr. Lush immediately suspected that all of these things were related, and likely due to an inflammatory response to something in my environment. She ordered a very thorough blood test (didn't even waste time on skin testing) and found out that I am highly allergic to whey protein and casein, not just lactose like I suspected. Also that my ferritin and iron binding capacity were way off.

She gave me a thorough consult with education materials on how to avoid whey and casein and what supplements to take. After 2 months of following her advice, I was able to run for the first time in my life without wheezing. My jaw pain went away. My ferritin started going up and I had more energy than I have had since I was a child. 1 month after that, I got pregnant and I am having a normal pregnancy without much fatigue.

I trust Dr. Lush to continue caring for me and my husband and my children. She is knowledgeable, thorough, experienced, and caring. The office is great and the staff is friendly and helpful. I highly recommend going there or at least considering naturopathic medicine for yourself." - Cristin M.

Always the best!!!! Love dr lush ! Always sending my friends and they are so happy too! -Rachel Rumph, 2014 


"Dr. Lush has been a remarkable provider for me. She is very helpful and is a great primary care provider!" -Barry Plum, 2104


"Dr. Lush is amazing. I have been seeing her for all of my women's health needs for the past five years. She spent a lot of time getting to know me and I knew she was treating me for my individual needs instead of doing a cookie cutter treatment plan. No matter what the reason for my visit, Dr. Lush made me feel at ease and explained everything in a way that was very accessible and easy to understand. She is also great at following up and is always there if I have questions that need answers. I wouldn't go to anyone else." -CH, 27 years old


"Looking back, I must have struggled with Cushing's disease for about five or six years, but only in the last year did I know what I was battling against. Dr. Lush worked hard and looked at every angle to give me a correct diagnosis. Always positive and ready to research any lead that would give us a clue as to what my true problem was, she succeeded in not only diagnosing my problem correctly, but inspired me, as the patient, not to give up and to believe we were that much closer to the solution. It's been two years since I received the medical treatment for Cushing's, and currently I enjoy balanced hormones and a healthy body! I owe my well-being to her great work and medical skill in giving me a diagnosis and the first step in getting me well again." -Sarah O'Brien, Anchorage, Alaska 


"I am extremely grateful for Dr. Lush’s care. Visiting her was my first experience with naturopathic medicine. I met with her for an alternative approach for tackling chronic tummy and sleep problems, and ultimately chose her as my new primary care doctor. During our initial appointment, I quickly trusted her thorough approach to preventative care and treatments. Dr. Lush not only correctly identified and treated the cause of my ailments, but took time to teach me how to tweak my everyday routines to more fully appreciate and participate in a mindful healthy lifestyle." -CG, Anchorage, AK


"As a patient of Dr. Lush's for the last seven years, I've been impressed with her all around knowledge, personal concern, and expertise in naturopathic care. Dr. Lush is intuitive, personable, and a patient advocate. She's helped me through cancer, skin care, and women's issues. I'm looking forward to moving south from Alaska so I can resume the excellent care to which I had become accustomed to under her supervision. I miss you Dr. Lush! " - Susie L, Anchorage, AK


I've been working with Dr. Lush since January 2011 and my digestion is finally improving to the point where I can resume many of my daily activities. I am so grateful to Dr. Lush for helping me" - SS, Seattle 


I know quite a few people who've gone to Dr. Lush for their allergy treatments (and their general medical stuff too), so I decided to I had to go and see her myself.  Dr. Lush is great!  She's really thorough and professional, and at the same time she's totally down to earth and nice." -Randi N, Seattle

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