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A Modern Look at Fertility

It’s no secret that women are waiting longer than ever to have kids. We're busy going to college, getting degrees, building careers and running for congress. And we’ve also become very focused on preventing pregnancy (many of us since early teen years) and not focused on planning for pregnancy in the future. When the time comes to start having kids, we’re left wondering what our chances are. About 1 in 6 couples end up having difficulty conceiving, and many couples seek out expensive fertility clinics for help.

What if there was a way to track fertility proactively, just like we track our finances? And what if it was a comprehensive hormone test that only costs $159?

We believe that more information is power, which is why we are excited to begin working with Modern Fertility, a company that offers comprehensive, affordable fertility hormone testing that can help you plan for your future! Whether you are years away from having kids, thinking about them soon, or planning for your next one, understanding your hormones is very important for your reproductive health and overall well being.

Measuring specific hormones can tell you about your thyroid health (essential to achieving and maintaining pregnancy), ovarian reserve (how many eggs you have ‘waiting in the wings’), information about egg freezing and IVF, menopause timing and more.

What the Modern Fertility hormone tests can tell you:

· Your general health. Hormones are a window into your broader health. Knowing your thyroid and testosterone levels can give a more holistic picture of fertility.

· The health of your thyroid. Your thyroid can impact a lot of things—whether or not you ovulate regularly, your mood, skin, weight, even how tired or hungry you feel.

· If you have more or fewer eggs than average for your age. The number of eggs you have is called your ovarian reserve, and you can use the hormone AMH to measure it.

· Egg freezing or IVF outcomes. Doctors use ovarian reserve hormone testing (specifically AMH, FSH, and E2) to determine success rates for egg freezing and IVF.

· Risk factors for PCOS. 1 in 10 women have PCOS. AMH and Testosterone can play a role in detecting PCOS, and can help inform a conversation with your doctor.

· If you’ll hit menopause earlier or later than average. Your menopause age impacts your fertility window.

Depending on your insurance coverage, these same tests run through your OBGYN or through fertility clinics can cost up to $1500. By comparison, Modern Fertility’s testing is $159. With their kit, either collect a blood sample in the comfort of your own home, have it drawn in our office, or take your kit to Quest labs who can also do the blood draw for you. Results are then reported to you and your doctor through a secure online portal, which has tools to help you understand and interpret your results, and has features like the timeline tool, which allows you to map out your baby-making timeline according to your specific test results! Hop over to their website for more information on fertility hormone testing, an example of testing completed by one of company's co-founders, and ordering information.

Why we’re so excited to offer this:

· Fertility visits and labs are not covered services through insurance, so visits and test costs are typically in the thousands. Now we can get the same information for much less.

· Patients can use their HSA cards to purchase

· Test collection can be done at home

· Knowledge is power and prevention really is the best medicine. Know when you need to start prepping your body for pregnancy, get pregnant on your own terms, and talk to your doctor about what comes up abnormal- often natural medicine can help restore hormonal balance!

We are pleased to be carrying the Modern Fertility test kits in office for patients, as well as offering an online link to order test kits. Click on the the link pasted above or contact us for more information.

Find out where you stand, and start building your fertility plan today!

Images and content used with permission from Modern Fertility.