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Laurel Leof 

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My artistic background degree comes from the Art Institute of Seattle. I graduated at the top of my class majoring in Color Theory and Conceptual Illustration. This allows me to bring a personal artistic touch to my trade. Customizing colors for rejuvenation procedures for each individual allows for the most natural look. I have worked on referrals from top surgeons at Bel-Red Medical Center as well as medi-spas and injection specialists around the Seattle area to help men and women feel beautiful and youthful.

From micropigmentation (used for permanent cosmetics, scars, wrinkles, cellulite and areola repair), to traditional skin art, I believe that no matter which procedure you have chosen, when applied with skill and passion, it has the power to transform you beyond the physical level, strengthening your spirit and delighting your soul.

I strive to anticipate my clients' needs and desires, as well as keep up with current education and beauty trends to provide the highest quality of customized service.

I have personally found my career to be extremely interesting, challenging, fulfilling and rewarding both financially and emotionally. I feel extremely blessed by the lives I have touched and those who have touched me. Thank you for your continued business, friendship and trust.

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