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Trinda Hartman, CR, LMT

Trinda is so excited about the incredible benefits of reflexology and massage and is thrilled to share them with the world! Thanks to her mom, Trinda has always been fascinated with reflexology. While on a Hawaiian vacation, she met a reflexologist who suggested pursuing it as a career. At her first class Trinda immediately knew that she had found her passion in life – helping others through reflexology.

Trinda’s fascination with face and scalp reflexology and massage led her to go back to school, and in May 2018 she graduated from Cortiva Institute. She is now thrilled to be specializing in relaxation and therapeutic reflexology and massage.

When she isn’t pursuing her passion, her favorite activity is dance fitness!

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Services offered:


Therapeutic Massage involves various methods including Swedish, Hot Stone, Cupping, and Deep Tissue. This relaxing modality is excellent for relieving tension, lowering stress, and decreasing pain. Relaxing the mind and body puts one into an amazing state of bliss that is good for your whole being, especially your nervous system.

Ear Seeds

Our ears are essentially a map of our entire body! So just by stimulating points on your ears, you can have a therapeutic effect on your whole body. Ear seeds are little seeds or beads that are held in place with tape. They are a non-invasive, safe, and effective way to stimulate specific points to boost your body’s own natural healing system.


Reflexology is the application of pressure either via thumb, fingers, or multireflex tools (for Dien Chan multi reflexology) applied to specific reflex areas on the feet, hands, face, and/or ears. Stimulation of reflex points sends important signals to the brain, activating the body’s natural healing process. It is recognized worldwide as a complementary practice within the holistic health field.

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