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Insurance Coverage and Private Pay Rates

Our doctors are credentialed with most major insurance plans but please be aware that individual coverage may vary depending on the plan. Please check each providers bio for plans they are contracted with.

Questions to Ask Your Insurance Provider

  • Do I have ND (Naturopathic) Benefits with (specific doctor)?

    • If your insurance says “preventative” visits are covered, that does NOT mean that you have ND benefits. Please relay their full name and NPI to find out what your exact coverage is.

  • Do I have a deductible that my office visit(s) and/or labs will go towards?

    • If so, you will need to meet your deductible before your insurance provider will start paying for the visits, so the entire bill will be out of pocket until the deductible is met. If you do not know the cost of your deductible, ask your insurance company before your visit and let us know upon checking in.

  • Do I have coinsurance?

    • This is what the insurance will cover versus what the patient’s responsibility is. Sometimes there is still a percentage of the cost that is the patient’s responsibility, even after you have met your deductible.

    • Labs/Imaging/Medical Procedure Costs: If you are intending on using your health insurance for any of these services, North Seattle Natural Medicine is not responsible for checking your coverage. The patient must contact their insurance directly in order to inquire about lab, imaging, and medical procedure costs, as well as co-insurance and deductibles for these services. North Seattle Natural Medicine has no input, affinity, or influence over these costs. All costs or personnel involved in these services are independent of our clinic.

  • For Acupuncture appointments:

    • Benefits may be different with Acupuncture. Please be sure you understand all of your Acupuncture benefits prior to scheduling. Please verify with your insurance directly that you are aware if you need any prior authorizations, if you have a set number of visits per year, or if there is any coinsurance/financial responsibility.



  • For most insurance plans, you will not have a copay for annual exams or preventative services (note: "preventative" is not the same as "naturopathic" benefits).

  • For most insurance plans, you will have a copay, coinsurance, or deductible for diagnostic or problem based services. (Example: ear infections, colds, acute medical needs, etc)

  • If you need both types of services on the same day, we can sometimes accommodate you. However, depending on what type of appointment you scheduled, the doctor might not have time to fully address multiple health goals or concerns within one visit and therefore may ask you to schedule separate appointments.

National Provider ID List:

Dr. Robin Sinclair:



Dr. Jennifer Lush:



Dr. Erin Tausend 

NPI: 1275153934


Dr. Jenn Dazey

NPI:  1275846891




up to $357


up to $257



Initial Acupuncture visit : $120 - $257

Return Acupuncture visit: $85 - $137


Women start at $300 per pellet + office fee (varies if insurance or none)

Men start at $500 for Testosterone pellets + office fee (varies if insurance or none)

Note: Labs MUST be done before pellet insertion and monitored after for repeat insertion procedure.


IV Glutathione $166 for 4 treatments (MUST already be an established patient!)

B12 Injections $25 (MUST already be an established patient!)


​First appointment 60 minutes, $120

Returning appointments 45 minutes, $90

Package discounts are available, please contact the front desk for more info. 


1 Zone x 1 Treatment $325

2 Zones x 1 Treatment $500

3 Zones x 1 Treatment $650

Discount packages available. 



Please call to discuss reduced lab rates for cash paying if no insurance or if your insurance doesn't cover out of network physician orders for labs.  For cash pay patients we order most labs through Ulta Labs which is drawn at Quest.  You prepay for the lab so no surprises. 

IgG/IgE Food Sensitivity Test - $163 for 95 foods (paid directly to the lab)


Other Labs ordered through Genova or DiagnosTechs are paid directly to the lab and patient will know the price price to doing the lab. 

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