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Microneedling is a great way to boost collagen and reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as reduce scars. NSNM uses an FDA approved microneedling pen. 

Smooth Skin

What is microneedling?

Microneedling causes controlled micro-injuries that stimulate your body’s natural wound healing
process while minimizing cellular damage. The result is effective remodeling of scar tissue while keeping the overall structure of the skin intact. This can reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as help heal acne scars.

There are three phases to the wound-repair process:

  • Phase I: Inflammation. Piercing the skin triggers your immune system to disinfect the wounds, remove debris, increase blood flow, and begin to create new tissue.

  • Phase II: Proliferation. The wound is re-built with new granulation cells, which are part of the extracellular matrix. Additionally, a new network of blood vessels develops.

  • Phase III: Remodeling. The wound is replaced with new dermal tissues and blood vessels. This can result in acne scar healing and a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles.


What type of microneedling device is used at NSNM?

Not all microneedling devices are created the same which is why at NSNM we use the only FDA cleared microneedling pen to help ensure your safety. Inferior microneedling devices have been linked to the transmission of HIV and hepatitis. NSNM only uses Bellus Medical Skinpen, which has been FDA approved to treat acne scars.


Complete the Microneedling Intake Form to schedule a treatment and discuss package discounts. 


A $50 10 minute consult is available to see if microneedling is right for you. This money will be rolled into any packages bought within 30 days of consult.

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