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Japanese Style Acupuncture with E. Lee Mahoney, LAc, AEAMP

Japanese Acupuncture is a gentle, safe and effective style of acupuncture that utilizes palpation to identify "active" points to needle. Those "active" points are considered to be the most therapeutic points for the treatment of the patient and generally the patient will see an immediate positive response from the body as a result.  That means reduced or eliminated symptoms.  

Who benefits from from this style?


  • who are sensitive to any type of treatment.

  • who struggle with anxiety.

  • with long-standing, chronic conditions.

  • & Athletes who are recovering from injuries (acute or older)

  • with complex systemic internal conditions (Typically symptoms where more than one internal system is involved i.e. respiratory, cardiovascular, endocrine, immune, etc).

Lee sees patients with all sorts of conditions including general health concerns like aches and pains, insomnia, headaches, digestive issues, etc.  but also has experience and clinical interest in autoimmunity, trauma recovery, reproductive health and chronic pain.  

If you are interested in trying this style of acupuncture or acupuncture in general you can make your appointment by calling 206.629.5180 and ask to see "Lee!"

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